Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burlap Shades

The other day I decided that I was really bored with the ugly lampshades in my living room. I took some leftover burlap (from my wedding) and re-covered my lampshades. I opted to use a spray adhesive, but am having some issues with the edges (possibly because I took some short cuts.... oops!). I will probably get my glue gun out to fix it and add some ribbon to the top and bottom. Here are some pictures, and I also included this youtube video that shows step by step instructions on how to re-cover a lampshade. You could make this project easier by choosing a shade that has the same diameter on top and bottom (such as a drum shade), or make it a little more challenging by choosing a shade that's top and bottom diameters are different (such as a bell shade).

FYI..... The brown wooden lamp in the pictures below is a lamp I previously blogged about.... I decided not to paint it, but I think the new lampshades goes perfect with it!!

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